"Younger Than Yesterday" is a London-based 60s music project, designed to bring you NEW songs from the 60s, NOW! When you thought you'd heard it all, here are the "lost tapes", undiscovered gems to add to the playlist. Not just "in the style of" or covers, but real original additions to a golden era! Stay tuned - many releases to come! 

YTY is the brainchild of Bob Kidby and Neil Murray, both seasoned players writers and recordists (links below) who have created a catalogue of new 60s songs, with additional songs and contributions from the talented Ken McGowan and  Marcel Haniff. With a little help from their friends (especially Tim Blanchard), they have produced fresh sounds inspired by a legendary period of creativity. The project is not limited to us. If you feel you can contribute, please contact Bob or Neil! 

We draw on some of the magic from that decade, Animals to Zombies, including the Shads, Beach Boys, Byrds, Dylan and the British invasion: Fab Four, Stones, Kinks, Manfreds, Move, Donovan et al, plus a smattering of Haight-Ashbury, Joni, even the Maharishi!  But these are not copies or parodies; they are songs influenced by the styles and sounds of the greatest ever decade of popular music. 

Our imaginations fired up, YTY seeks to capture a little of when the world was a hell of a place, the Swinging 60s, Cold War to Wembley, Woodstock all the way to the moon.  We hope that these songs give you as much pleasure as they gave us in their creation.  Recorded in England at Stupid Music Studios (Suffolk), Blackberry Studios (Sussex) and Barre Studio (Devon). 


YouTube, Instagram: @youngerthanyesterdayband 

Facebook: youngerthanyesterdayband 

Twitter: @youngerthanband 

Streaming - check out our Sound and Vision page and search on all steaming services: Bob Kidby; Stupid Music; Neil Murray7; Murray & McGowan. 


Neil Murray: neil.a.murray@icloud.com   INSTAGRAM:  @neilmurray7songs; www.neilmurraysongs.com

Bob Kidby:  bob@bobkidby.co.uk; www.stupidmusic.org 









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